WHAT IS IT: the DADDY OF LUST Kit is a NEW, REVOLUTIONARY METHOD TO DEVELOP YOUR SENSE OF REALITY! This kit can do wonders for your brain’s health or of what is left of itHOW IT WORKS: NATURALLY! The Daddy of Lust changes the PERCEPTION OF REALITY in mammals through playing NOEMA, cult masterpiece, capable of UNVEILING THE TRUTH to anyone who watched with attention and a pure heart.EXERCICES: to have good results it's fundamental to practice the exercises in a positive State of mind, with a disposition of hope...yes, we know that we are asking a lot, even more for who lives in Italy: it's very difficult, but let's try, anyway. Silvio Berlusconi Papi
WATCH THE VIDEOS - TO FULLY UNDERSTAND THE STORY OF THE MASTERPIECE. The videos are in italian language and can be fully understand only by italians, unfortunately. FOR THEM. call-girls
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THEY SAID: Of the Opera 1816, "NOEMA" a.k.a. "PAPI THE LOVER OF FREEDOM AND LIES" it's been said that...
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